Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poisonous Tropical Fish

There are many different kinds of poisonous salt water fish available today. Some are larger than others and some are much more expensive that others. Tropical fish may have been born with poisonous abilities for many reasons, most of them for survival. Some poisonous salt water fish may need them to defend themselves against predators so that they don't get eaten, while other poisonous salt water fish may use to disable prey, such as crabs and shellfish.

You can buy poisonous salt water fish from many different locations. You may be able to find a few specialty aquarium stores that stock poisonous salt water fish, but they will probably be hard to come by. It is quite rare to find poisonous salt water fish, so you may have to import them or search on the internet for them.

The internet has endless potential. You are sure to be able to find a store that sells poisonous salt water fish if you look for long enough. It is quite a novelty these days to have a fish that can perform an amusing trick, such as disabling prey with poison, so there are bound to be a few specialty sites that only sell poisonous salt water fish.

Another place to buy poisonous salt water fish is from a private breeder. The best thing about buying from a private breeder is that you are usually assured the highest quality and you will have a choice of poisonous salt water fish. Private breeders are usually fish fanatics and take only the best care of their tropical fish, so take your time to shop around and find a private breeder with a good reputation for selling poisonous salt water fish.

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