Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Do Snails Clean Algae From Fish Tanks?

A lot of people often ask, do snails clean algae from fish tanks? This age old rumour has been around for almost as long as fish tanks have been around for. You can purchase aquatic snails from almost any pet store for the purpose of keeping the algae levels at bay, but do snails clean algae from fish tanks? The aquatic snails are supposed to travel around your fish tank, eating the algae and cleaning your tank.

When trying to discover do snails clean algae from fish tanks, it is important to remember that there are many other products available that can remove the algae from your fish tank. There are many fish tank additives available in a liquid form that you can add to your fish tank that will aid in the prevention and the removal of algae. Some of they probably work better than the snails, but a combination of both the aquariums snails and the tank additives are probably the safest combination.

Do snails clean algae from fish tanks? In a word, yes. The snails role is to slither around the inside of your fish tank eating its way through the algae. A strong build up of algae in your fish tank can look unattractive and be a real hassle to try and get rid of. AN aquarium snail naturally eats algae and has no problem making his way through your tank and removing your algae problem. The main drawback of this is that depending on the size of your tank, you may need a lot of snails and it may take them a while to clean your entire tank. It really is a full time job.

So when you are next asked, do snails clean algae from fish tanks, the answer is yes. While snails do remove the algae form the inside of a fish tank, they are not the most effective method of algae removal. A lot of people prefer to use aquatic snails for algae removal because they are all natural and there is only one monetary outlay, instead of constantly having to buy more algae fighting additives for your fish tank.


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